A little bit about us

A joined up service that is honest and transparent

How we started

Teamwork Locksmiths Ltd, was the conception of Douglas Levesley. Following several years on the tools, the front counter and then the back-room office, it became apparent to him that the utility industry required a joined-up service that was honest and transparent. So, in 2004 Douglas took the decision to concentrate on and build a business around the utility sector, where he’d already been working and had gained over 20 years’ experience.

Market leader and one of the country’s largest suppliers of specialist locksmiths to the ROE warrant industry

Where are we today

Teamwork is a market leader and one of the country’s largest suppliers of specialist locksmiths to the ROE warrant industry. We constantly strive to improve our services by a 360-degree evaluation of all our systems and processes, which enables Teamwork to offer the best service possible.

Our planning department has a vast knowledge of the ROE warrant market and has built an enviable reputation for flexibility in placing our locksmiths in the right place at the right time. This is achieved by informative and intuitive communication with all parties.

We have a constant appraisal of cost-effective communication tools that come onto the market to ensure that our service can be enhanced further, when available.

Our unique structure allows us to act with maximum flexibility and speed at all times, keeping any disruption to a minimum. This allows us to offer excellent pre-planned bookings but also to cover any unplanned events. This is achieved by our capacity contingency plan which enables us to cover any emergency without compromising any pre-existing bookings.

We aim to surpass our clients’ expectations

Our vision for the future

As a team, we want to keep on improving our service offering where possible; listening to our clients’ needs is our main focus, so we can effectively meet and exceed their expectations at all times. We are constantly developing and investing in our personnel and technological capabilities, creating the ultimate customer experience.

Our Core Values


At Teamwork we operate a transparent and honest service. Transparency and trust combine in turn to support sustainable growth by suppling credible social, environmental and ethical data to our clients so that they can make informed decisions that match their own values.

Working Together

The name Teamwork was chosen with care to represent who we are. The secret to our success is in our name as together everyone achieves more.

We support and encourage productive teams that share common goals, a common vision, and work in a professional manner. As a team we are driven by collaboration, respect, communication and accountability, whilst recognising that everyone has their own unique role that should be respected and appreciated.

Exceeding Expectations

Teamwork set the bar high, and we start by understanding our client’s requirements and expectations. We know that meeting expectations is one of the most important factors to client satisfaction. To ensure this we deliver a constant level of service that is based on the key areas and KPI’s we have agreed with each client.

Teamwork Mission Statement

• To meet the unique needs of each client

• To inspire and empower our staff to exceed their own expectations

• To operate in a transparent and open way so that both clients and staff have complete confidence in us

• To listen to our clients and staff to ensure continuous learning and constant improvement

Ways to get in touch:
T: 01299 407185
E: info@teamwork-uk.org